For the longest time I wanted to visit Pronovias, Barcelona. Pronovias is one of the worlds largest dress-brands – who mainly focus on bridal gowns but the tradition for evening wear is just as special. This year Pronovias is celebrating 50 years of dressmaking. Ain’t that something!?


The story about Pronovias

In 1922 the company was founded in Barcelona, Spain. It all began in a wedding dress store. Among the fines embroideries, lace and quality silk fabrics the fine people of Catalonia came to the store El Suizo to buy a dress for a special occasion. This was where the family behind Pronovias first began to take form and start their own business.

Not before 1964 the company first launched a prêt-a-porter collection of wedding dresses. Throughout the sixties Pronovias becomes a more established brand in Spain, but in the eighties they went international opening stores all around Europe and even Latin America.

Through the years Pronovias has worked with many exiting and significant designers such as Lidia Delgado, Badly Mischka, Velentino, Emanuel Ungaro, Hannibal Laguna, Miguel Palacia and even Elie Saab.

Today the brand and family-legacy is know worldwide with 163 physical stores in 105 countries and approximately 4000 points of sales. But, I am still waiting for Pronovias to enter the online world and make their beautiful dresses available to ALL women around the world.


“For the future, Pronovias has an ambitious expansion project whose mission is to dress the dreams of the brides all over the world.”


Pronovias balances between handcrafted couture and prêt-a-porter trying to help more and more women find the perfect dress for a very special occasion.

Do you know Pronovias?