She has become Barcelonas most famous bridal and couture designer over the last twenty years. Rosa Clará is not only a talented dress designer with her own design DNA – she is a solid business woman.

Dress business

She hit a market niche with her bridal and couture collections and through time she has managed to grow to company into a worldwide enterprise. One of the reasons for her business succes may be the partnerships with prestigious haute couture designers such as Karl Lagerfeld, Christian LaCroix and Zuhair Murad. Rosa Clará had the production set-up, distribution channels and stores to sell from. Exactly what the designers need to bring their products to more women.

Not only is Rosa Clará beautiful design and a worldwide distribution channel. It is also a very strong brand. By taking the bridal-business one step further Rosa Clará launched the Barcelona Bridal Week for celebrating the business, and attract even more attention from buyers and the media. This made the stock rise and of course boosted the brand even more.

Finally, cocktail dress

Now the queen of bridal dresses should of course also be designing for the guest of the wedding. Rosa Clará created her first cocktail dress collection in 2007. Expanding the product line with accessories for cocktail dresses she finally could meet all demands from her customers.


If you are a Rosa Clará kind of gal you are a very elegant lady who likes little beautiful detailing and figure-shaped dresses. She finds inspiration in classical beauties and stars like Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn. Even if she keeps an eye on classic style with simple silhouettes and elegant lines, she is not afraid to explore trends to keep variety and adapting the customers wishes.

You can not shop Rosa Clarás designs online, but take a look at her design universe here: