‘Veneno en la piel’ apparently means poison under the skin – which doesn’t sound very nice for a fashion brand that’s not entirely black, filled with rivets and satanic references. If Toni Francesc really has to do with this brand is still a bit of a mystery to me. But until I find out I will enjoy the dresses with Spanish inspiration and light fabrics for the summer heat. I absolutely love some of the very fine dress-designs Veneno en la piel has to offer:


The Company

The mission of this brand was pure hearted: to bring couture designs to every woman. All women should have acces to beautiful design and couture-inspired dresses. I share their mission. Veneno en la Piel was established in 1996 and have a special love for party dresses and gala dresses. Dress-prices range from 99 to 260 €.

What is special about this brand is that it doesn’t get more authentic Barcelonian than this. Every piece is designed and produced in Barcelona for the young and vibrant woman who dress feminine, Spanish sensual with pop colors, floral prints and most of all elegance.

How does your favorite Veneno en la Piel-dress look like? Please, write a comment.