I recently read a book called: Awaken the Giant Within. It is written by one of the worlds most popular inspirational speakers, Mr. Tony Robbins. His words are my religion. I have found a great deal of inspiration and motivation to achieve my life goals by reading his book and implementing new healthier habits into my life.

Change your state – change your life

In chapter 7 Tony Robbins states: one of the most powerful distinctions that I’ve made in the last ten years of my life is simply this: Emotion is created by motion. Everything that we feel is the result of how we use our bodies. Even the minute changes in our facial expressions or our gestures will shift the way that we’re feeling in any moment, and therefore the way we evaluate our lives – the way we think and the way we act.

The mind is powerful. Use it wisely. Put on your favorite perfume today. Drink you tab water in a champaign glass. Smile at yourself each time you look in the mirror. And put on a pair of high heels. My point is this: you can change your game and decide what you want to feel RIGHT NOW!

Try this at home

My provocative assumption is: when you put on a beautiful dress you will feel empowered. You will feel pretty, feminine, excited, joyous, good, happy and loved. Loved by your self.

Go to your wardrobe, find your favorite dress and try it on. Do it now. Take a look at yourself in the mirror and focus your thoughts on positive feelings – change your state. Think about great parties you gone to, great times you have experienced. Maybe you even put on your favorite music and dance around a bit. Have fun.

Now, notice the good energy flowing through your body…

The dress is a powerful lady weapon. Use it wisely and become the most illuminating version of yourself. Today!

Do you have an empowering female ritual like this?