What is beauty? The word has been stolen from us by the media, the advertising business and bad female role models. Beauty seems to be associated with botox, flashy outfits and Photoshop. But, beauty is none of those things – not even a beautiful dress from the most expensive designer brand can save you if your beauty does not radiate from within.

I know. You have heard it all before… but none the less the message seems to always stay relevant. Think about it.

“Walk like you have three men walking behind you”

Oscar De La Renta

No dress or diamant or good-looking company could ever make you look beautiful if you don’t have any of the following ingredients:

1. Strong feminine presence

Femininity is softness, elegance, charm and grace. Femininity is beautiful. So embrace your femininity in your own way – but don’t try to be something you are not. Today women are driven by the norms in society. To get ahead in our career and create results sometimes we need to toughen up and adopt masculine character traits. When this pattern becomes a way of living it can be difficult to find a way back to femininity and beauty. I am not saying that you can’t have both career and beauty – I am saying that you should have both! Your feminine being is beautiful and strong – embrace it!

2. Body language

You may not know this but you are a beacon shining your light everywhere you go – shining whit your body language. Body language and what you wear is a part of the same communicational decoding. We communicate with body language, words and the tone of our voice. People you meet will notice and interpret 55% of your body language, where as the words we speak only weighs 7%. I will get back to the subject of body language in other articles, be course it is such an important tool to master. If you feel sad, unsuccessful or not loved changing your body language can make the difference and change your thoughts and feelings. The right body language can make you beautiful.

A feminine body language is calm movements, a swaying walk, batting eyes, a smile, bruching your hair away from your face, bristle with your little finger, crossing your legs when you sit, stand and sit up strait, placing your hand on your waistline etc.

3. Acknowledge masculinity

A man is a woman’s opposite. Like everything else in life opposites need each other to create balance. This is why the man or masculinity plays such an important role in your femininity. His masculinity makes you beautiful – if you let it. Now, allowing a man to take charge and let him lead the way does not make you less of a woman. On the contrary, it makes you even more powerful – as a woman. But it does not have to do with power. I am talking about beauty and the beauty of being yourself. Remember: your femininity is beautiful. Do not hide it away of fight against it. Use it to empower both of you and thereby create positive interactions.