If you are looking to buy a new dress there are many ways to go. You can buy prêt-à-porter, which translates into: ready-to-wear. If you buy ready-to-wear the dress really are ready to wear and that is basically the dresses you buy in a stores. Haute couture or couture are dresses that are made to measure. So, for instance you would have a designer or a tailor create a customized dress specially for you. I have asked Sara Ditlev

What is the difference between a designer and a tailor?

“Well, I am a combination of the two. A Tailor loves the craftsmanship and pay attention to all the little details like the stitching. Also a Tailor are very attentive to the fit and concentrate on making the dress fit just right to be wearable. You can say the Tailor and the Pattern Designer look alike, but still the Pattern Designer are brought up in the industrial mind-set where scalability, production and ready-to-wear are essential. Typically, a Tailor creates custom clothes that for some reason can’t be found in a typical fashion store with standart size charts. Also a you can be a very skilled Pattern Designer: creating the right technical drawings, patterns and measurements for the buyer, but not be good at sewing! A Tailor can do both.

The Designer are all about the expression. Designers are very creative people seeking inspiration, creating art through clothes. It is all about moods, trends and interpretation. Actually the designer are a more free spirit course in that role you don’t have to consider the technicalities and how to make the dress – you can just let your mind flow and see the inspiration from a different perspective. As a Tailor you can be a bit more craftsman and tend to think too much about little details.”

Sara helps women fulfill their dress-dreams, but she also helps them when a purchase goes wrong. Sometimes the dress doesn’t fit perfectly and you have to get a professional to adjust the measures. Always make sure to know a good tailor.


Dear reader, tell me, when did you use a tailor or a designer, and why?