I rarely wear dresses. Usually skinny jeans, an oversized t-shirt, minimalistic jewelry and a pair of sneaks completes my daily outfit. It´s not that I don´t like dresses. I do. And once in a while it´s definitely nice to wear one, and feel that special feeling I think every girl knows when wearing a dress that is just on point.

In my opinion the perfect dress can have different forms. Maybe you are invited to a wedding and get the chance to wear a beautiful evening dress, perhaps you are on a date wearing the famous LBD, or maybe you just feel like wearing a nice dress at the office. Regardless of the occasion, it is more about the feeling you get when you wear a dress, than the actual dress itself.

Personally, I usually go to the Scandinavian minimalistic brands which still have a feminine touch. I like when a dress isn´t too eye catching, but is still elegant and gives a feeling of luxury when you wear it. My current favorites are GanniCustommade and Stine Goya. All Danish brands with a strong design DNA. The styles are quite simple and minimalistic, but often combined with cool textures and fabrics, a nice print, lace details, a flattering cut etc. And most important, the dresses can be used with sneakers at day and a pair of heels in the evening, which is perfect for someone like me.

Current faves on SALE..