The party is already next week! Oh my God. Work has been so crazy lately, you are trying to keep up with everything: the household, grocery shopping, the children, car repair and a million other things…

You want a new beautiful dress for the occasion – but you need it quickly! This is how you do:

First, consider what you already know: your size? Favorite colour? Favorite designer? Now, go strait to work.


1. Search for webshops through Google or…

Step 1

*Tip: use Google search engine for picture search: write sand dress and choose the webshop by browsing pictures.



2. Go directly to your favorite webshop (guess what mine is…)

Step 2



3. Find the category: dresses

Step 3

Usually you need to go through the top bar menu under: shop or…



4. Use the on-site search engine

Step 4

The placement or look of the search engine may vary. But a good webshop always has a implemented search engine. The ‘Search’ feature allows you to quickly find something more specific like: halterneck dress or cotton dress



5. Shop by occasion



Make a quick selection and sort by what occasion you are buying a new dress for. How formal is the occasion? Is it a long dress-occasion for a wedding or a sleeved dress for a reception with a professional agenda?



6. Shop by type of dress


When you are shopping in a standart multi-brand webshop everyday dresses will also occure, but when you shop in a specific dress webshop you might find the categories to be more specific like: mermaid dress, body con dress or quinceanera dress.



7. Shop by Designer




8. Shop by size


Sizing are a difficult way to select a new dress from because size charts are very different from brand to brand. Also, the fit of the dress depends on the fabric used, the cut, how the dress is closed up etc. But if you know what size you use in a specific brand, you can combine ‘brand’ and ‘size’ filtration in your search and thereby make sure you find the right fit.



9. Shop by colour




10. Shop by inspiration


Some webshops help customers with inspiration by letting designers, famous it-girls or other fashion related role models give trend reports, mood boards or style reviews. If you don’t have any clue of what you want, but you know it’s gonna be fashion forward, you can easily choose to copy paste an other persons style. It is perfectly okay!


If you have better inputs or want to share good online-shopping tips, please comment below.