I have chosen 4 multibrand webshops for you. One of the benefits of shopping in a multibrand webshop is, that you can shop everything you need in one place. If you need a set of pants for the kids, a scarf for your boyfriend or maybe a present for a birthday party, you can find it all in one shop. Another benefit of shopping in an American webshop is, that you can choose from a lot of American brands that you don’t usually see, or have access to.

Shopping online is all about feeling secure. Therefore, I have made a list of trusting online retailers for you:



The webshop has a nice clean look which makes it easy to navigate. The front page is filled with inspirational pictures, new brand-collaborations and trends. My favorite feature is the you might also like suggestions below, when you click to see a dress.

Category: buget




*TIP: If you choose to buy from a webshop that is located in another continent from where you live, be aware of shipment, import fees and return policies. If not, you might get a unpleasant surprise with the extra added expenses.




This is a very professional webshop. State of art! You will find dresses in all price ranges and all sizes. For woman going to a galla, the opera, your child’s wedding or some other very special occasion I will recommend to go to the ‘Mother of the bride’, ‘Gowns’ or ‘Bridesmaid’ category and have a look:

Category: luxury




This is where you go absolutely crazy in designer brands. Farfetch.com are for all you ladies that know your brands and favorite designers (and you can even find a lot of them on sale!). The side menu gives you a lot of great opportunities to search and select if you are in a hurry – or know what you want. The pictures are very easy to look at. The product page is a bit different than a typical webshop, but that is a very cool and good thing. When you get used to it, you will discover the brilliance of how closely you can see the dress and fabric. When you zoom in you can better see how the dress fit and how the fabric behaves.

Category: luxury




This American etailor is huge! They have been in the field for 30 years and knows how to bring fashion to the world. As the name implies this webshop is for a younger crowd – but this also makes the dresses very affordable. The most expensive dress I could find costed 120 $. There is no dress categories to select from, but the pictures and zoom features are very nice.

Category: sale





The webshop launched in 2000 but was acquired by the world’s largest retailer: Amazon.com, Inc., in 2006. You are in good hands when you shop at shopbop.com. With approximately 5000 dresses in stock the shop gives you a wide selection, and a lot of good reasons to find something you like. Big store – many items – all american. The most expensive dress cost 12,000 $ and the cheapest cost 20 $. There are no more than 15 different dress categories to chose from. I chose: formal.

Category: budget



Happy shopping ladies!