My absolute favorite Roland Mouret dress is The Galaxy Dress. It is truly iconic. The ultimate feminine dress, perfectly-proportioned and very classic elegant with an hourglass silhouette. It has a square neckline, a thin waist belt and notice the pleated sleeves details. Recognize the dress by centre button-down in the back that will take you back to the 1940s, to black and white movies, red lipstick and hairspray hairdos. The dress is made from 78 % wool which makes it very breathable and warm in cold weather. The 20 % polyamide is properly used for the lining to make the dress easier to slip into, and the prevent the skirt from curling around your body when you walk – especially when wearing stockings. The 2 % Lycra keeps the wool into shape and gives the fabric a little room to stretch, so you can move effortlessly.

This is a dress for the typical hourglass-body shaped lady, or one with smaller proportions. But, the size span from XS to XL. Extra large means a 47.75 inch hips (121 cm), a 44.75 inch bust size (114 cm) and a 37 inch waist (94 cm).

Do you know your measurements?



*TIP: When you measure your waistline make sure to flex you abs. Notice how a few extra centimeters are added. You need those to breath! Same goes for measuring your hips. Do a squat and notice how the measurement tape expands. You need that expansion to sit! And last, when you measure your chest take a deep breath in and notice the difference. You need that to breath!


The Galaxy dress cost 1,640 €.


About Roland Mouret 

He is a French. Born in Lourdes, France in 1979. With no particular destined future within fashion, he still started out learning about fabric in his fathers butcher shop: seeing the pattern of the blood on the white linen. He learned to cut from watching the way the skin of an animal is sectioned and divided with the knife. A confidence, a directness and boldness, informed his aesthetic and his approach defined by these early memories. Thank God for creative souls to flourish from everywhere, and for enabling this master of structure and silhouette to dress women in their best.

He finished his training from a Parisian fashion college in 1979. In 1998 his work was finally recognized and Sharai and André Meyers bought his line. He moved to New York, and in his 2006 fashion show his next breakthrough came with The Galaxy Dress. Everybody was wearing it and everybody was talking about it. Unfortunately, only two month later Roland Mouret and his backers came to a disagreement and parted ways.

From high to low. The designer decided to take a hiatus – this went on for two years. Then Roland Mouret found a new backer: Simon Fuller (yes, the guy from American Idols). So he launched a new collection in 2007 under the brand name RM. The next day, the show was available on the internet, and consumers could pre-order the garments on a website. As Mouret explained to Voguewomen see shows the day after they happen. Why should they have to wait? The collection was an enormous success, with some pieces selling out within hours. My fashion history is well documented. Building success and then losing my name, starting over, building a new unique partnership, getting back my name – it is all part of an inspiring and evolving journey. Today is where we are. You have to learn so much and go so far to understand that the support of the team around you is indispensable and that happiness and simplicity is everything. Roland Mouret claims that the key to his succes is to know how a person wants to undress.



 “Dresses are for undressing. We all dress up to undress”




The Moon Dress is another stroke of iconic genius from Roland Mouret. Made famous by Victoria Beckham (who was made for wearing this dress, or visa versa) The Moon Dress was available at Harvey Nichols in London and sold out within a few days. Roland Mouret and Victoria Beckham plan to continue working together creating more stylish dress icons.


The Moon Dress cost 1,465 €.



Also, I want to pay tribute to The Titanium Dress…



Whit one of Roland Mouret’s signature dresses in the closet you will always have something sophisticated, elegant and feminine to wear for a special occasion. The design will never go out of style. This dress is a body con dress typically worn for receptions, official events or in professional contexts.