Ted Baker is a London based retailer since 1988 with more than 400 stores worldwide. Initially, he started out making shirts, and that is why British tailoring is an important ingredient in the design’s DNA. That, and the use of patterns, happy colors, high quality detailing, quirky whims and a good sense of humor. You will get a dress that is a little bit out of the ordinary.


One thing’s for sure, Ted has always been something of an enigma; travelling the globe, setting rather than following fashion, mixing business and pleasure, wherever the fancy has taken him.


“What would Ted do?” is the question that every staff member ask himself/herself before making a decisions. This keeps the back bone of the design DNA strong and competitive. Ted Bakers collections can best be described as the perfect blend of good old-fashioned glamour and contemporary femininity. The brand creates both working dresses and deluxe dresses with an air of London flair. Fluid fabrics and prints makes the style recognizable.



After all, however much Ted loves the look of a perfectly cat suit,

an elegantly dressed lady will always catch his eye.




TedBakerdressesThis elegant piece is guaranteed to turn heads. The Dorvina dress is a pearly Petal ballerina dress with a perfectly pleated full skirt and delicate gem buttons at the back. Price: 586 €.