Dirty Dancing, 1987

When Patrick Swayze speaks the words: “nobody puts Baby in a corner.” And then takes Frances ’Baby’ Housemann (played by Jennifer Gray) with him, a woman reveals herself before our eyes as she dances like she has learned during the summer stay at Kellerman’s Hotel. The costume designer Hilary Rosenfeld was able to portrait the change from the innocent ’Baby’ into a strong-minded woman. In the end of the movie she finally dances with Johnny wearing a light pink dress with a wide skirt, sewn in gauzy silk chiffon material. Watch this wonderful dance scene here. (gives me goose bumps every time!).



Greece, 1978

Today Albert Wolsky is one of Hollywoods most diverse and renown costume designers, but he was still relatively unknown when he created the costumes for the musical Greece back in 1978 starring Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta. The most famous outfit was actually not a dress, but rather the tight leather pants and black bare-shoulder top ’Sandy’ wears in her tranformation from the-girl-next-door into a hot and sexy woman. One of the dresses we do remember is the wide flourish dress with the fitted bodice, from the ball room dance scene.


Pretty Woman, 1990

Julia Roberts dress was supposed to have been black! The movie director Garry Marshall was of the opinion that a wide ball gown was just right for Vivians and Edwards visit to the opera. Luckely the costume designer Marilyn Vance insisted on creating a red galla robe inspired by John Singer Sargents painting ’Madame X’. Vance went for elegance when she completed the look with a exclusive diamond necklace by the French juwelar Fred Joaillier. The red color compliments Julias red hair and really brings out her charm and beauty in that famous tete-a-tete with Richard Gere before they leave the Hotel. Revisit the famous necklace scene here.


Basic Instict 1992

Slingback heels, a cold interrogation room and five police men. Sharon Stone, a devil in a white dress, playing Catherine Tramell agains Michael Douglas as Nick Curran in the legendary, sexy and thrilling movie Basic Instict. The iconic dress is designed by Ellen Mirojnick. Revisit the smokin’ scene here.


Ellen Mirojnick sketched and designed this ensemble from scratch. It was then cut and made by Mary Ellen Fields of Bill Hargate Costume, Los Angeles. Mirojnick created Sharon Stone’s interpretation of Catherine as purposely ambiguous, “We are always questioning did she or didn’t she do it. I was interested in creating imagery that was best suited for her character. Catherine was deliberately the icy blonde, similar to a Hitchcockian character” she affirms.

 – courtesy of www.clothesonfilm.com


Titanic, 1997

The customier Deborah Lynn Scott won a well derserved Oscar for all her costumes in the movie ’Titanic’ from 1997. Playing the female lead as Rose, Kate Winslet wore many beautiful dresses. One of the most memorable dresses is the red silk dress with a layer of beaded embroidery in black tulle made of frills. She wears the dress the same evening where poor lad Jack (played by Leonardo DiCaprio) wears black tie for the first time to eat a fancy dinner on first class with Rose and her people.

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