So many things to prepare before a wedding. As a guest the gift and the outfit is often main issues. But for the Mother-of-the-Bride stakes are even higher. This blog will guide you through the basic code du conduite and help you choose the perfect outfit.

No-go Colors

The traditions varies from culture to culture, but in general in the Western part of the world black is a symbol of grief. You do not wear black for a wedding. Exceptions might occur, such as a black dress with a color print. A black skirt and a top of some color to go with it. Or maybe, a black dress with a colorful shawl and stilettos to go with it. When in doubt, always ask the bride.

You never choose a white dress. The brides dress is white. It is her big day and she has the lead role. The reason why the brides dress typically is white, is because white is a pure color that traditionally symbols innocence, virginity and femininity. If it’s your second, third or more wedding you can those another color than white. My Grandmother got married in a dark dress suit. She wasn’t much about being too feminine, so she chose the suit. The dark color (I think it was blue) was chosen because she already had children whit my Grandfather. So, as a humble Christian she chose not to wear white.

Again, there might be exceptions when it comes to dress color for a wedding. It is not unusual to see an off-white knee-long dress on a wedding guest – especially the mother of the bride. Mother of pearl color, ivory, beige, nude and many more names of nuances that might be appropriate for your dress color. Let your common sense guide you. And if you are still i doubt, ask the bride.


 Good Common Practice

This may be (hopefully) obvious to a lot of people, but just to make sure that the correct code du conduite is practiced in a respectful manner to the happy couple, I will sum up a few mishaps you might steer clear of as a female wedding guest, and especially as a mother of the bride. Here goes:


  • See Through If your dress is layered with blondes outside a underdress, that’s okay. Or, if the dress is sheer AND respectable there is also a few ways to avoid an unfortunate ‘too much’ incident with proper undergarments. But, a good rule of thump is just to NOT show to much skin – bare or see through.


  • Deep neckline You may have a big bosom. Congratulations. You may have a beautiful well-trained body. Congratulations! Really, I applaud you. You should always be proud of your body. But letting it all hang out, and become a scene of attraction rather that a subtle sensual lady is a whole other thing. The deep plunging neckline is for Hollywood stars, and maybe you can pull it of if your chest is smaller. The case can vary, but overall, please understand that being sensual or sexy is often about showing less.


  • Lady-like When a mother of the bride carries herself around the room on her daughters big day, she wants to feel graceful, beautiful and appropriate. Being lady-like is a concept that can be transferred in many directions, but I’m sure you know what kind of lady-like you would like to be. Respect the tone of the bride and wedding theme, but also remember, it’s a party. You want to have fun AND dress accordingly.


 Elegance is the only beauty that never fades – Audrey Hepburn


  • Bare shoulders Shoulders are one of the most sensual parts of a womans body. Her shoulders, her waist and her ankles. In church bare shoulders is frowned upon. Have the curtesy to cover up with a shawl, or coat, maybe a small jacket or a bolero. This little extra piece of garment also comes in handy when you get chilly.


  • Dress Lengths Regarding length, a knee-cut or under knee-cut would be perfect for a warm summers wedding. Some even change outfit from church to the party later. A dress with a knee-cut for church and another dress with floor length for the evening would be quite a perfect ensemble.


In a later blog post I will get more into details about dress codes. For now, let’s take a look at what it’s really about: the dresses. Visit for a complete updated collection of Mother-of-the-Brides dresses and links to shop online.


Enjoy Ladies

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