Friday night I met with my girlfriends to watch the latest Condé Nast production: House of Z – a documentary of a young American haute couture designer. A very beautiful designer, and a gifted talent.

We were so exited. Haven’t seen each other for at while we wanted to celebrate, and the evening started with a nice dinner and champagne. Later we turned on the flatscreen with great expectations. Of course commenting along through the entire movie like true dress nerds…

The story about Zac Posen starts with the perfect family setting. A boy with loving parents and sisters, living in New York, brought up surrounded with creativity and playfulness. His best friends was models and artists. Later he traveled to London to study at Central Saint Martins and he was only 21 when he debuted as designer. Soon he became world famous. From there everything went fast.


I do not want to reveal too much. Instead I will encourage you to watch the movie. Rent it here directly at



My friends and I agreed that the story of Zac Posen is important as it is also is the story of a bizarre business that either makes you, or breaks you. Get an even closer look at Zac Posen and his learnings in the fashion industry in this interview:


Make sure you follow this super talented designer on Instagram. The profile is very interesting, warm and creative. Let’s celebrate one of the most gifted and most resilient designers out there today.