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With a passion for beautiful dresses I want to explore and share it with women all over the world. One day, I will be able to bring beautiful dresses to you offline as well.

Whoever you are, I hope that you will feel free to state your views, share knowledge and give feed back.




I visited stores but felt no inspiration, no glamour, no service. So I turned online. The assortment was bigger there, but also tricky to figure out what kind of dress I would end up receiving once the order was placed. I thought: maybe other women have the same experience. So came my idea to make a dress universe onlin

This blog is a toolbox with everything you need to know about dresses, lady behaviour, online shopping and passion.


” Since I was a little girl I always loved to dress up in fancy outfits. It gave me a sense of pride, elegance and poise.”



That little girl still lives deep within me – and I recall the feelings of playful fun, pride and elegance when I put on my very best. We should all celebrate the best, do our best and be our best – and wear our best!



I want to inspire ladies out there to enjoy their womanhood, dress up in a beautiful dress, and inspire other women to also be the best version of themselves. In Denmark we have an expression: klæder skaber folk. It means that clothes defines people. I am not saying you should define your inner self through outer circumstances – that is never good thing. But, to empower your personality trait with a significant garment is to state your personality. I hope more woman will climb those heels, put on that vibrant lipstick color, and wear a beautiful dress. Let us enjoy our womanhood, and dare to dress up more.


” The dresses I buy are in tune with my personal style regardless of brand.”


When you want to buy a dress there is a million questions to be answered: what color? which cut? size? fabric? price? details? brand? shoes to match? So, where to start? Right here. On this blog.


The Team

Along the way I will take on collaborations with photographers, contributors, guest writers and other good people who want to participate. I will introduce all of them here to keep you readers informed.

Dresses are our passion and I will help us to share that passion – and find the perfect dress.


Yours sincerely,